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This product has been replaced by WinCity Physical Therapy SOAP Notes

WinCity Physical Therapy SOAP Notes 2007


PT License: $400
PTA License: $350

$199 per user

No longer available

Is paperwork slowing you down?

Are you finding that you spend too much time writing, filing and managing medical documentation? Wouldn't you rather spend more time enjoying being a Physical Therapist, and less time filling in paperwork?

If so, WinCity Physical Therapy SOAP Notes was written for you.

Eliminate the filing and speed up the writing

The secret to speed is to write your evaluations and SOAP notes on your computer while you are seeing your patients. When you are done seeing your patient, you are done writing your documentation. No paper needs to be filed away.

You might be concerned that your patients will feel that you are not paying attention to them if you are using a computer in their presence. If so, ask your patients about it. You will most likely find out that today they find it natural that their healthcare team use computerized medical records. Just make sure that your computer screen doesn't stand directly between you and your patient during the visit.

Communicate better with the referring providers

We didn't expect this, but we found out that many referring providers tend to focus on the body picture that is printed along with the Evaluations and SOAP Notes.  And in hindsight, doesn't this make sense? Don't we all prefer to look at a picture rather than a thousand words? With a few clicks of your mouse, make the body picture tell your patient's story.

Produce SOAP Notes that look professional

Have you ever felt like you should retype your SOAP Notes so that they look more professional before you send them to a referring provider or an insurance company?  With WinCity Physical Therapy SOAP Notes, just click on the Print icon and be done.




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