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SOAP Notes Your Way

What if I don't want to follow some of the templates?

You might not want to follow some or all of WinCity Massage's templates for many reasons such as:

  •  You are using some new modality for which some template doesn't apply.

  •  You "just don't" give homework, establish goals, record prescriptions, ...

  •  You learned to do things differently, and you like your way better

Leave the template blank

If the template doesn't apply to your work, just leave it blank. Its content won't be reported on the the printed SOAP chart.

Type what you want

Anywhere you find a box with a dropdown list, you can leave the box blank, pick a suggestion from the list, or write anything you want.

For instance, even though WinCity Massage SOAP Notes does not list the big toes as a possible symptom location, if your client is complaining about his or her big toe, you can simply write it in.

Use the Comments fields

The Subjective, Visual and Palpation tabs all offer a Comments field where you can type anything you want. Use these Comments fields to replace or augment the information provided everywhere on the tab.

Subvert the template

With a little experience, you'll understand which parts of the templates get printed and which don't. From then on, you'll be able to use most templates to write your favorite poem, your grocery shopping list sorted by aisle, or whatever else you want them to say.


Next: Find out what types of SOAP notes WinCity Massage SOAP Notes can handle.


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