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"People are always asking for software like this in my classes. This is the first charting software I am excited to tell my students about!"

- Diana Thompson, educator and author of "Hands Heal"

“I have been using this system since 2004 and love it.”

- H. O., LMP, Doula, CIMI, Seattle, WA, 2011.

“The insurance companies will love it."

“It sure saves time.”

- S. F., LMP, Seattle, WA


“I have already gotten feedback from attorneys and insurance companies commenting on how for once, they can track progress from session to session with ease.”   

- T. M., LMP, Seattle, WA

"I wouldn't dream of running a bodywork practice without this excellent software. Thank you for supporting and enhancing my business!"

- M. P., LMP, Everett, WA

"I have the hands heal book but still feared I would do it wrong. I am a visual learner and this software give me the confidence needed. Thank you!"

- J G.-S., CMT, Fall Church, VA


"I love your program. I use it everyday."

- D. B., LMP, Medical Lake, WA


“It cuts my charting time by at least half and presents a much more professional document.”

- J. C., LMP, Edmonds, WA

“... my students compared both of the programs and your program won. None of the ten students liked the other program and they were impressed with the charts on your program the most.  We will continue to show your product in our classroom setting and the competitor to have them compare (But you will always win).”

- R. H., NCTMB, Rochester, MN

"I have been using WinCity for about three years now and absolutely love it!"

- K. G., LMP, North Bend, WA

"I am REALLY spoiled by WinCity [Massage] Soap Notes... "

- T. B., Olympia, WA

"I am currently a happy user of your WinCity Soap Notes for massage therapists. I can't tell you how it has streamlined my practice! "

- B. B., DC, Tustin, CA

"We used the Hands Heal first edition text when I was going through massage school. I'm so pleased to find this program because I've been searching for a computerized program and nothing comes close to this product. This is exactly what I learned and now I can do it much faster!"

- A. G., LMT, Salem, OR

"I have been using your trial download on my netbook with 2 GB of RAM and I am extremely happy with it. This is such a convenient set up that I can't imagine anyone not wanting to take their netbook with them from treatment room to treatment room or home to home. By the time the client changes their clothes I have their chart completed."

- N. R., Calgary, AB

"[WinCity Massage SOAP Notes] is an incredible piece of software that I have recommended many of my fellow therapists to buy, and they did."

- R. F., Tampa, FL


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