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Functional Outcomes Reporting

What is Functional Outcomes Reporting?

Functional Outcomes Reporting highlights how your clients injuries affect their daily lives and how your massage allows them to make progress towards resuming their regular activities.

There is a new emphasis on Functional Outcomes Reporting in massage Soap notes. This allows for a better evaluation of the progress made by your clients than you would get simply with measures of pain or discomfort. It also helps in setting massage goals to which your client can relate.

Would you give me an example?

Imagine, Piper, a postal carrier who can't walk more than 20 steps without severe pain and fatigue when she comes for her first massage session. After her third session, Piper can now walk 50 feet with moderate pain and fatigue and up to a 100 feet before feeling severe pain and fatigue. If you focus on pain, Piper is likely to report that she is still suffering severe pain and fatigue when walking and you might conclude that she hasn't made any progress. If you focus on her activities of daily living, you'll notice that she can now walk around her house, and therefore is making progress.

How do you use Wincity Massage SOAP Notes for Functional Outcomes Reporting?

WinCity Massage SOAP Notes fully supports Functional Outcomes Reporting. Here is an example of how you could enter Piper's Soap Notes using Wincity Massage Soap Notes:

First, you enter the relevant information in the Activities of Daily Living section in the Subjective tab. In this case, we wrote that:

  1. Piper needs to walk 10 miles a day as a postal carrier

  2. Piper currently can't walk more than 20 steps because of pain.

Link to Activities of Daily Living screenshot.

Then you set the Functional Goals under the Assessment tab. In this case, we set the long term goal of being able to walk a half mile with a 5 minute break every 500 feet once a day, every day, with no more than moderate pain, within 8 sessions. We also set two intermediate short term goals.

Link to Functional Goals screenshot

What if I don't want to do Functional Outcomes Reporting?

Just leave the corresponding fields empty.

Where does Diana Thompson talk about Functional Outcomes Reporting in Hands Heal?

WinCity Massage Soap Notes is based on the Soap Charting section of the Diana L. Thompson's book called "Hands Heal: Communication, Documentation and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists". This book is used in many massage schools. In the fourth edition of this book, the Functional Outcomes section starts on page 134.


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