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Faster SOAP Notes

Faster the Second Time Around

Filling in the information for a client's second and following sessions is much easier with WinCity Massage SOAP Notes than when doing it on paper. When you create a new session, Wincity Massage Soap Notes will propose to copy the previous session's information. You can then quickly modify whatever has changed.

Let's say that in the first session your client complained of "Severe pain in R shoulder radiating to R midback, occurring 1 to 3 times per hour and lasting 1 to 3 minutes since fall from stepladder.

After the first sesseion, simply modify what changed from one session to the next.

If in the next session the symptoms don't change, you don't have to enter anything.

If the pain in the right shoulder evolves to become moderate, you can

  1. Click on the line that says "Severe pain in R shoulder radiating..."

  2. Click on the Intensity combobox and pick "Moderate" instead of "Severe"

  3. Click on the Replace button

After a little practice, this is where you will realize the biggest time savings.  This is why we suggest that the first time you use WinCity Massage SOAP notes, you record multiple sessions for a single client. After you see how much time you save with this patient, you'll be eager to use WinCity Massage SOAP Notes for all your other clients.

Faster Filling in the Blanks

Whenever appropriate, WinCity Massage SOAP Notes offers you templates to fill. This way, instead of having to spend time, energy and brain cycles trying to remember which myriad of details need to be addressed, you can simply focus on addressing them.

Let's say you are trying to write a long term functional goal for a client who has trouble walking. Instead of having to remember that you need to address:

  1. activity,

  2. amount,

  3. breaks,

  4. frequency,

  5. symptoms and

  6. target date,

just use WinCity Massage Soap Notes to fill in the blanks.

Just fill in the blanks.

Faster with Multiple Choices

If you are new to WinCity Massage SOAP Notes you might not know what you are expected to enter in some of the fields. Looking at the multiple choices will set you on the right track.

In the example above, you might not know what type of information you are supposed to enter under "Breaks". Clicking on the down arrow will bring you some sample entries.

Multiple choices will set you on the right track. Feel free to type your own text.

The multiple choices are usually not meant to be exhaustive. If you don't see a choice that suits your need, feel free to ignore them and type what you want.

Faster with AutoComplete

When you type text in a multiple choice box, WinCity Massage SOAP Notes tries to match the proposed choices to what you are typing. If you are a keyboard virtuoso, you will soon find out that you can enter "Severe pain in L shoulder radiating to L arm" by hitting only the letters marked in bold and the Tab key.

Extensive SOAP Notes vs. Minimal SOAP Notes

We hope that you will use WinCity Massage SOAP Notes to record extensive SOAP notes. If you are currently writing minimal SOAP notes, you will spend more time writing extensive SOAP notes whether or not you use WinCity Massage SOAP Notes.


Next: Find out how WinCity Massage SOAP Notes handles Functional Outcomes Reporting.



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